This is where it gets tricky. Your ability to promote your products and services, communicate with your customers, share and show information graphically, in other words, connected with your market is critical. 

Many companies have very specific needs and others require a simple off-the-shelf solution. Design and usability must be addressed. Is this an information-only site, with carts, conversions, and money being exchanged? Will advertising be driven to the site? Will the flow of the site produce ease of use with optimized Landing Pages? What strategies and tactics will be necessary to manage SEO/SEM to further promote growth? Lots to think about here. 

Before tackling an issue that can and will determine your success in the market, maybe the most helpful thing would center on your core goals, business requirements, and KPI metrics.

Websites and related social strategies are designed upfront and can be built over time versus all at once. Treat your website site like starting a business. The startup is very exciting but running a great company day-to-day is far more important.