The eyes have it.

Traditional Television as we know it is dead. Now Cross-Platform has a new device it is Your Television. Digital Television is the new entrant in digital ad display. Fullscreen, less clutter, thousands of inventories, ad ready channels.

You do not have to sit by the TV during the 5 am, 6 am, 12 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm news segments to get your news much less see the ads you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on one spot.

You can surf any app, any channel, anything on OTT, and your ad, or your demographic will find you across hundreds of apps, and channels. Is it all Measurable – Reliable and Quantifiable. No More Excuses.

The myth of a traditional family sitting together and surfing the net when they see an ad on traditional TV are gone. OTT beat you to the punch, this market already knows. The news products are now being pushed out to apps that have your local news, weather, sports, and user choice programming channels.

OTT has been gathering analytics by using testbeds in San Francisco, Kansas City, Austin, and more to shake out the bugs. The Gigabit network has been released and now the 5g networks have been turned on.

What this means is unforgettable and highly available commercial ad space is available to reach more viewers. New viewers with college educations, disposable income, homeowners watching their devices on their schedules, not the station’s schedules.

Tens of thousands of people in your market are switching to OTT every day, leaving traditional broadcast stations behind. They are now superfluous and are hurting more clients than not!

Currently, two drivers are taking lead roles:

Over 72% of households use OTT – which means more people utilize OTT as a standard go-to choice.

Digital Advertising campaigns are now out-performing broadcast television advertising. This means the traditional “Wow Look At All The Spots” measurement of TV is going to be questioned, heavily. Let us not forget the “where is my advertisement?. Here is the truth, your ad was not put in correctly, the ad was preempted (code that a high-paying ad customer is paying more for the spot and you are SOL. This is not a happy conversation during sporting events when a local lawyer decides to pay more for your spot 45 minutes before the game. This also points to unacceptable accounting practices such as taking current month dollars and rolling them back a month to cover the budget shortage. The client is billed and to pay the invoice 30-day slate. This is just under the corporate threshold. Now you are 30 days late, pushed into another sporting event with identical results from the previous months. Stop and ask for your money back. The industry has shown a backbone and has terminated the employment of the Director of Sales and other reporting Digital Directors for Class A violations in proper accounting practices.

Marketing in Motion is not a slogan, it is how successful businesses and organizations are framing their company strategy and how they compete in the marketplace.